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Ninety Days In The 90s: A Rock N Roll Time Travel Story

Miss the 90s? Ready for an adventure?


What if Bill And Ted went to the 1990s —the age of Nirvana, grunge, punk, Lollapalooza—and stopped off in Portlandia along the way?

Join Darby on her trip back to mid-1990s Chicago. You will enjoy the good times with Darby as she relives her carefree twenties, soaking up all the pop culture and nostalgia you could ever imagine.

Status: To be released June 2022, and available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever you buy books

Go see Nirvana’s first gig?
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 Sounds great, but Darby has other ideas. 

Darby Derrex is not experiencing an early midlife crisis. (Or is she?) She’s failed on Wall Street and failed in her relationships. Once she returns to Chicago to take over her uncle’s record store, she decides she needs a “do-over.”  Little does Darby know a time machine rumbles under her feet.

Chicago, 1996: Grunge tops the charts. Concertgoers are crowd surfing. Bands like Smashing Pumpkins rescue us from Celine Dion and hair metal. And it’s the year Darby left behind her music critic job—and her true love, Lina.

Once Darby goes back she has a blast—and that’s part of the problem. She’s got 90 days to return or stay back in time forever. Both options are tempting, but Darby has to face the music.

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