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    Since I started contributing for Forbes in May 2018, I’ve stepped up my Q&As with professional athletes and sports legends. …

April 30, 2023
Shaquille O'Neal aka Shaq interviewed by Andy Frye for, Oct 2020

The last two years have been tough on people for a lot of reasons. And I thank my lucky stars that in …

April 1, 2022
Clayton Kershaw, L.A. Dodgers

My first crack at writing about baseball started around the beginning of 2015, right when things started happening for the Chicago …

January 19, 2020
Women skydiving

The first article I ever published came in July of 2011 about a quirky, fast, exciting sport that you’ve probably never …

April 13, 2018

Rock n’ roll music and sports are two of the greatest things humankind has ever invented. And every once in a …

March 7, 2018
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